Can I send money using FedEx in domestic regions and international regions?

No. Unfortunately we do not take money or accept parcels with money inside.

How accurate is the transit time?

The domestic transit times are accurate provided no delays due to an act of God. Further you can track your parcels.

International shipments are accurate however transit times depend on ZIMRA payments and processing.

Will my parcel be delivered to the recipients door step?

Yes, if the address is correctly stated we provide door to door service.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes we do provide insurance at 3% of declared value.

Does FedEx call when the parcel has arrived?

If address is known and complete, we do not call but deliver.

Fedex calls for dutiable shipments upon arrival, nominal shipments are dispatched for deliveries and phone calls are only made if there is a challenge in delivery.

What are the procedures in the event that my parcel is lost or damaged?

Client puts in query/ in writing and then FedEx investigates, after the investigations we will give feedback within 48 hours of the outcome complaint/ claim form can be raised and if insurance cover then we pay out.

If a package is damaged upon arrival. Investigations are made to verify where the error was made origin or destination. A trace is also opened to alert shipper or consignee of the damage.

Is it possible to change the delivery address of my package?

Yes the shipper can arrange change of address if the package is in transit and not delivered. This must be done in writing.

How long does it take to clear my package from customs?

Our turnover clearance time is 24-48 hours provided all paperwork is in order and that ZIMRA releases. Delays can be experienced due to extra assessment by customs. This is in the form of a Physical Examination (PE)

What supporting documents do I need to send food samples abroad?

Commerical invoice
CD1 form If it’s a company sending out or more than 1k value of product being sent out
Airway Bill for export out of Zimbabwe
Export/Import permits from relevant country ie. FDA form in US.

Can I get Proof of delivery for domestic shipments?

YES A hard copy can be provided at Fedex offices. Fedex offices are able to track your shipment and advise.

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