Who we are

Cheetah Express Logistics is the Licensee to FedEx Express. We have held this licence for over 20 years. We also represent TNT in Zimbabwe.

We have an exceptionally good name in the Zimbabwean market, in the courier, freight forwarding, and customs clearing spaces.

We are the Cargo General Sales Agent for Rwandair, and Cargo Sales Agent for Ethiopian Airlines, which enhances or services for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Cheetah has recently taken a shareholding in IncoFreight, a leading specialised freight forwarder, enabling us to provide bespoke solutions for our clients.

We boast of not only having loyal happy clients, but a dedicated management and staff compliment. As the FedEx licensee, we have grown up with strong procedures and standards. We expect timeous results and good results for our clients.

Each year, Cheetah Express handles 126,000 domestic shipments, 35,000 international exports and 21,000 international imports
Our staff are qualified in dangerous goods, and other relevant air handling procedures. We are also fully compliant with all Zimbabwean regulators too.

The Team

  • Steve Mannion
    Steve Mannion Managing Director

    Steve has been with us for 20 years, and has seen Cheetah grow through the years. Steve loves the tempo and brand that being associated with FedEx brings, and is particularly proud of his people and their passion in the business. Steve says that “reliability” is the most important aspect that FedEx and its staff bring to the Zimbabwean market.

  • Samuel Kali
    Samuel Kali Domestic Operations Manager

    Samuel is the newest addition to our management team. An organized goal getter with a strong background in customs, his professional and efficient approach to business has made him a perfect suit for the domestic operations manager role and the main point of call for our digital systems.

    • Eunice Midzi
      Eunice Midzi Finance Manager

      Eunice has been with the company for over 7 years. She has managed attain 15 years’ experience across multiple fields such as hospitality, retail and cargo and courier sectors. Hard work and integrity is what she exude daily in her work.

      • Brendon Smith
        Brendon Smith International Operations Manager

        Brendon is the newest member of our management team. He is passionate about delivering high-quality results and ensuring customer satisfaction. His attention to detail and ability to solve complex issues make him a great fit to manage our international operations.

        • Bradley Vries
          Bradley Vries Fleet Manager

          Bradley is a dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic member of our management team. With over 26 years of experience, he has been instrumental in managing Cheetah’s diverse and growing fleet of vehicles.

          • Godfrey Chigunduru
            Godfrey Chigunduru Imports and Exports Manager

            Godfrey has also been with us for 15 years, and is a stable feature of our business. Like Steve, he has seen the business grow to where it is today, and his experience is invaluable. Godfrey loves the organisational structure within the FedEx family, making the customers journey so much smoother.

          • Eddie Chiringah
            Eddie Chiringah Commercial Manager

            Eddie has been in the courier industry for 18 years, with the last 5 years being with FedEx. Like Steve and Godfrey, his knowledge is immense, giving our customers resources that are hard to find in Zimbabwe.  Eddie loves that every day is different, and loves giving his clients service.

          • Helen Kalume
            Helen Kalume Compliance & Corporate Services Manager

            Helen is a registered legal practitioner with the Law Society of Zimbabwe. She looks after our regulatory and compliance matters as well as the human resources function and customer experience.


            Can I get Proof of delivery for domestic shipments?

            YES A hard copy can be provided at Fedex offices. Fedex offices are able to track your shipment and advise.

            Can I send money using FedEx in domestic regions and international regions?

            No. Unfortunately we do not take money or accept parcels with money inside.

            Do you offer insurance?

            Yes we do provide insurance at 3% of declared value.

            Does FedEx call when the parcel has arrived?

            If address is known and complete, we do not call but deliver.

            Fedex calls for dutiable shipments upon arrival, nominal shipments are dispatched for deliveries and phone calls are only made if there is a challenge in delivery.

            How accurate is the transit time?

            The domestic transit times are accurate provided no delays due to an act of God. Further you can track your parcels.

            International shipments are accurate however transit times depend on ZIMRA payments and processing.

            How long does it take to clear my package from customs?

            Our turnover clearance time is 24-48 hours provided all paperwork is in order and that ZIMRA releases. Delays can be experienced due to extra assessment by customs. This is in the form of a Physical Examination (PE)

            Is it possible to change the delivery address of my package?

            Yes the shipper can arrange change of address if the package is in transit and not delivered. This must be done in writing.

            What are the procedures in the event that my parcel is lost or damaged?

            Client puts in query/ in writing and then FedEx investigates, after the investigations we will give feedback within 48 hours of the outcome complaint/ claim form can be raised and if insurance cover then we pay out.

            If a package is damaged upon arrival. Investigations are made to verify where the error was made origin or destination. A trace is also opened to alert shipper or consignee of the damage.

            What supporting documents do I need to send food samples abroad?

            Commerical invoice
            CD1 form If it’s a company sending out or more than 1k value of product being sent out
            Airway Bill for export out of Zimbabwe
            Export/Import permits from relevant country ie. FDA form in US.

            Will my parcel be delivered to the recipients door step?

            Yes, if the address is correctly stated we provide door to door service.

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