Cheetah Express Logistics operating as FedEx Zimbabwe is committed to the safety of its staff and customers at all times and especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through routine screening processes a staff member was identified as having flu like symptoms and was immediately sent home and subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. Through testing we have identified further staff members that worked in the same department who also tested positive. These staff members although showing no signs of illness have also been sent home to quarantine and will follow the Harare City Health guidelines until full recovery.

All staff have been further tested with both rapid tests and PCR tests. We can confirm that all current staff at our facilities are COVID-19 negative and will continue to be tested on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of our workforce and operating environment. In addition the facilities have been fumigated and will continue to be closely monitored on a weekly basis.

We are pleased to note that the initial staff member is doing well and recovering at home. We   would like to assure all our customers and stakeholders that we are following the  strictest  protocols with respect to the WHO guidelines and will continue to do so throughout the period of  the pandemic.

Please also note that all our staff are required to have on their person our Company Identification and their valid COVID-19 negative certification at all times. This is to protect our fellow workers ,our clients and the broader community. This is in addition to the standard protective measures which include face masks, hand sanitisers and parcel sanitisers.

Cheetah Express remains committed to all safety protocols.

Cheetah Express Management

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